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Clinic and Patient Management Website

A website which runs on both, your laptop and phone to help manage your clinic in a better way! You would no longer require a planner or a diary to note down appointment and patient information. Our software communicates with your Google Calendar so you get appointment alerts on your phone. All patient data is securely and confidentially stored in Amazon's Cloud storage systems!

Some important features are as follows:


• Allow patients to book online appointments and receive email/SMS alerts for the same.

• Keep track of your physio session earnings and generate insurance company compliant invoices as per your exact specifications.

• Keep track of your patient's fees payments by getting a summary of all sessions which haven't been paid for.

• A detailed questionnaire to help understand your patient's current health status to plan your treatment.

• Annotate on a body chart and write specialized notes for future reference.

• Scan and save patient reports on the cloud (safe and confidential).

• Add as many doctors, receptionists and software admins as you like who would have access to the application.

• Get a fully customized website homepage with appointment booking feature and a Google Maps section having directions to your clinic.


To get started, our web developers will require your expected number of patients per year and clinic location. If you contacted us through a reference who is already using our software, don't forget to mention their details.


Hope to hear from you soon!




Google Calendar Integration for appointment synchronization.


Send email and SMS alerts about appointment booking, rescheduling and cancellation.


Storing patient files and reports on Amazon's cloud storage system.


Generate invoices and keep track of your earnings sorted by location and service.

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